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Wellcome Images 2008

Fly on Sugar Crystals

The Wellcome Trust is the largest charity in the UK. They are well described by this quote from thier website: “We fund innovative biomedical research, in the UK and internationally, spending around £650 million each year to support the brightest scientists with the best ideas.” Further, “Wellcome Images is one of the Wellcome Library’s major visual collections. Part of Wellcome Collection, a major new £30 million public venue developed by the Wellcome Trust, the Library has over 750 000 books and journals, an extensive range of manuscripts, archives and films, and more than 250 000 paintings, prints and drawings.” And, “The annual Wellcome Images awards (previously known as Biomedical Images Awards) reward contributors for their outstanding work and winners are chosen by a panel of experts. The resulting public exhibitions are always extremely popular and receive widespread aclaim.”

Above is one image from the 2008 awards collection, you can view the rest here, and many other images from their library here.

This sort of thing has actually become de rigeur for Nature & Science/NSF who give our awards on a slightly larger scope, including interactive media, and breaking down imagery into real and virtual categories.